Monica Crusellas | Purple Design - A newsletter about diversity in Tech & Design
I’m Monica, a product designer from Barcelona with a focus in UI and interaction design. Finding user-centred solutions to solve real problems for people it’s something that makes me really happy. While I’m not designing I’m learning code, practising German or reading books.
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Purple Design

A newsletter on diversity in Tech and Design

A few months ago Product Hunt asked people on Twitter to name the top 3 founders they admire. It wasn’t a surprise, but when looking at the answers I counted way more male names compared to the few female ones. Even myself (as a white cis queer woman) struggled to give a quick answer without spending a fair amount of time doing some research. It really frustrates me that there’s still such a big lack of diversity among role models in the (tech/design) world, it makes me sad and angry.

Technology and design have tremendous power, they impact our lives every day in almost any task we perform and they’re also shaping our future. So it sounds obvious to me that having a diversity of experiences across people working in technology should be a priority, a must, in order to design and build accessible products in which everyone is represented and taken into account.

But the reality is that the tech industry is overwhelmingly dominated by white cis straight men, and this is not only proven bad for business, it’s also unfair and dangerous. A lack of diverse ideas and representation is fuel to gender, race and class inequality.

You can’t be what you can’t see.
I decided to create Purple Design when I realised that the content I consumed about tech and design was very male dominated. Representation really matters, it helps us to identify with others like us, others that have gone through a similar path and succeeded. Role models make us feel like we belong and ultimately empower us to make professional progress. There are tons of women, queer people, people from racial and ethnic backgrounds, people with functional diversity and other underrepresented folks doing amazing tech and design work that don’t get the spotlight they deserve. Purple Design aims to shine a light on all these people and inspire others to thrive in their careers.

If you made it this far it means you’d love things to change as much as I do, so thanks for reading and subscribe! ❤️

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