Me at the park, laying down in the grass listening to music and reading. I am wearing a red short sleeve shirt and dark sunglasses

Hola! I'm Monica 🌈

I currently design at GDS in London

For the last 8 years I’ve been designing digital products in Barcelona, Berlin, Melbourne and London.

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Work 👩🏽‍💻

May 2022-Present • Government Digital Service (GDS)
London, UK

I am a Senior Interaction Designer at the Government Digital Service (GDS)

I spend these days designing new ways to navigate and publish on GOV.UK, the award-winning website for the UK government, based at the Government Digital Service.

2019-Present • Wise
London, UK

I designed 'money without borders' at Wise (formerly TransferWise)TransferWise team zoom call

Fighting against the lack of transparency in the financial industry at Wise – making it easier and cheaper for people with international lives to move and manage their money, wherever they are.

Wise site↗
2016-2018 • Stax
Melbourne, Australia

I worked as a Product Designer at Staxstax team at office's rooftop

I spent almost three years down under solving technically complex and data heavy problems end to end at Stax. My work involved tons of dashboard and data visualisation design, and I also built the foundations of Stax’ design system.

Stax onboarding
2015-2016 • N26
Berlin, Germany

I designed the first fully digital bank in Europe at N26N26 team photo

This was the first time I jumped into full product design, when the role wasn't a thing yet, and I fell in love with it. During my time at N26 I designed lots of features for the native and web apps.

Smart cards
2013-2015 • Holy Hole Studio
Barcelona, Spain

I co-founded Holy Hole StudioMonica and Holy Hole co-founder posing at the studio store, a very kitsch design studio and store in Barcelona

I spent the most creative years of my career at Holy Hole, where I worked on all sorts of design projects – from graphic design, web design, photography and audiovisual projects for local customers to organising art exhibitions, making jewelry and selling zines and clothes.

Holy Hole ↗

Projects 🚀

Purple Design

A newsletter on diversity in Tech and Design.

💌 Purple Design↗


Data visualsation from my trip around SE Asia.

Travel Viz

Things I like 💖